The Reno 6 Pro Vs The DMO (Disposable Movie Object) Rodeo Camera


Squash the competition at the professional camera market place with the latest and greatest photography equipment Squash. Use the powerful touch interface of the Squash Smartphone to take your Squash photos to the highest quality. Squash is the leading smartphone camera for professionals who are on the go. Get your Squash moments in time with the preloaded images that can be imported directly onto your Squash screen for further editing. Squash is the easiest way to take fantastic quality photographs.

Combine the professional cameras and imaging technology of the Sony Digital camera with the convenience and functionality of the Squash Rodeo Camera to create the perfect photographic package. The Squash Rodeo Camera from Sony combines a powerful color sensor with image stabilization to give you a natural and relaxed photography feel. When you buy your Rodeo Pro, you get the industry standard of an ultra-high-performance mobile camera with an easy to use interface, an intuitive user interface, a fast shutter speed, and an extremely large LCD screen for high-quality viewing. Add in a high-megapixel camera that takes fantastic pictures, an excellent zoom lens, reliable shooting modes including Auto, Single, Gallery, Continuous Photo, and V shutter, easy-to-use controls, a complete guide, a comprehensive battery charger, an interchangeable memory card, USB cable, a dock connector, and a fully functioning infrared filter.

Turn any ordinary photograph into a work of art with the powerful capabilities of the Squash Rodeo Camera from Sony. Create moving images with the use of the Dimmer feature and adjust the brightness and colors of your subject matter for a professional finish. You can also change the clarity and enhance the colors of your subject matter with the touch of a button. The Squash Rodeo Camera from Sony is capable of shooting higher bit rates than the competition and comes with an impressive 12 gigabyte memory card for storing your images.

Take action shots with the world’s most advanced sensor. With the Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera from Sony, you get an unbelievable optical zoom that gives you an opportunity to play up the composition of the shot by blurring or adjusting the subject so that you get unique shots. When it comes to taking high quality photographs, there is no point in having a camera that does not allow for creative options. Therefore, the Squash Rodeo Camera from Sony is a truly intelligent camera that gives you all the flexibility and creative freedom to really make something out of your photographs. Reno 6 Pro

Take professional photographs with the advanced image stabilization system that is built into the Squash Rodeo Camera from Sony. This amazing feature allows you to take clean, crisp images despite tough lighting conditions. Another feature of the Squash Rodeo Camera from Sony is the built in anti-shake system that minimizes camera shake for crisp, clear pictures even when you are at a very challenging distance. The anti-shake feature is incorporated right into the camera’s sensor to give you an ultra smooth operation. The Squash Rodeo Camera from Sony also features a 2mp wide angle standard lens which helps you to capture fast moving subjects with less shake for an effective result.

The Sony Rodeo Camera from Sony is also perfect for a number of other professional applications. If you need to create DVD quality videos, then the Squashcam from Sony permits you to do so with the assistance of its 16 megapixel APS-C sensor. This camera will record high quality videos with less motion blur, less red eye and other digital photo flaws. You can also transfer the photos and videos onto your computer hard drive using its USB interface. With the help of its intuitive interface, you can set up your Squashcam directly on your computer by connecting it to a USB port. You can then edit the photos and videos with its intuitive interface or with the included software DVD video recorder.


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