How you can check out the live result of Satta Matka?

We all know that the lottery is a form of gambling that involves picking numbered tickets for a prize. Just like the game of Sattakingalso known as Satta Matka. This game is one of the popular lottery games of India that started in the 1950s. The history of Satta Matka started; before the independence of India.

Though gambling is illegal in India, people can play this game online. The online Satta Matka game is well-known because people win enormous amounts through this.

What Satta Matka really is:

In the gambling game of Satta Matka, more than one person can participate. It is not at all a single-player game. The lottery game is based on guessing. An individual has to predict the numbers on the tickets to win a handsome prize.

Satta is illegal in India. But the online game of Satta Matka is legal. In the 1950’s, it was known as Angada Jugar. But in the 1960s, the name changed. During that time, people played this game by pulling out slips from a large pot, known as ‘Matka’. From there, it came to be known as Satta Matka. Satta means gambling, and Matka means earthen pot.

The origin of the game is in Mumbai, way before independence. The game lost track then but revived again in the 1960s. The game of gambling figures got popular since then.

How you can play the game

In the game of Satta Matka, people will find slips with numbers. Among those slips, only one unique number will win the lottery. The slip of paper consists of numbers starting from 00 to 99. People bet on the chosen number between 00 to 99, and if a person is lucky enough, his number of choice will win in the lottery.

Individuals who will win the lottery are the kings or queens of the game. They win; the prize money based on the bet.


People can play the game of Satta from various websites that are prevalent. To find out the result of the lottery people, can go to the official website of the Satta King guessing game that they choose while playing. The official website will give all the information related to the game. They even announce the result of a lottery on a daily basis.


  1. What is Satta Matka?
  2. It is a popular Indian lottery game, where people have to guess a number to win the lottery. It is a game of guessing figures.
  3. Where did it originate?
  4. It started in Mumbai before the independence of India.
  5. Is it illegal to play Satta Matka?
  6. Well, any sort of gambling is illegal in India. So Satta Matka is illegal too. But people can play the game online. The online game of Satta Matka is legal. You can play the game of Satta guessing from any online website.
  7. Where can I check the results of the lottery?
  8. You can check the result from the official website of the game.
  9. At which time the results are announced?
  10. The results are announced every day.





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